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Volume 48 Number 4   Volume 48 Number 6

Volume 48 Number 5 (October 2022)

ScienceAsia: Moving towards 50th anniversary
Piamsook Pongsawasdi
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 696-696 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.116
[Abstract]  [PDF] 152 Downloads 1123 Views

Review article

Biological activity and health benefits of food-derived bioactive peptides
Watanalai Panbangred
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 687-695 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.107
[Abstract]  [PDF] 292 Downloads 844 Views

Research articles

Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

Enhanced production of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate and carotenoids by Arthrospira platensis under combined glycerol and phosphorus supplementation
Khomson Satchasataporn, Chanchanok Duangsri, Winai Charunchaipipat, Surasak Laloknam, Surachet Burut-Archanai, Sorawit Powtongsook, Nattaphong Akrimajirachoote, Wuttinun Raksajit
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 509-517 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.072
[Abstract]  [PDF] 237 Downloads 1469 Views

Overexpression of HMGN3 nucleosome binding protein is associated with tumor invasion and TGF-β expression in cholangiocarcinoma
Supannika Sorin, Nongnapas Pokaew, Kulthida Vaeteewoottacharn, Sakda Waraasawapati, Chawalit Pairojkul, Goro Sashida, Kanlayanee Sawanyawisuth
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 518-523 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.073
[Abstract]  [PDF] 79 Downloads 1123 Views

A study of external morphological changes and the development time towards further understanding the biology of Elenchus yasumatsui Kifune & Hirashima (Strepsiptera: Elenchidae) male
Phinya Suraksakul, Jiranan Piyaphongkul, Pornpairin Rungcharoenthong, Suphachai Amkha
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 524-531 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.074
[Abstract]  [PDF] 90 Downloads 1265 Views

Hedyotis diffusa Willd extract protects rat renal tubular epithelial cells from high glucose-induced injury by inhibiting PI3K/AKT signaling pathway
Haiping Dong, Qing Zhang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 532-537 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.075
[Abstract]  [PDF] 117 Downloads 1058 Views

miR-10a-5p inhibits the migration and invasion of human oral carcinoma cells by targeting PIK3CA through PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway
Rong Tao, Fei Wang, Xiaoke Feng, Weidong Yang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 538-544 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.081
[Abstract]  [PDF] 49 Downloads 789 Views

Isorhapontigenin improves the sensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer cells to gefitinib by inactivation of the SP1/EGFR pathway
Xingshu Wu, Zhixiang Su, Xiaoping Ren
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 545-551 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.082
[Abstract]  [PDF] 49 Downloads 1030 Views

Antioxidative potential of alpha-mangostin against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress in human sperm
Wanlapa Kokmas, Onrawee Khongsombat, Hathairat Kruevaisayawan, Waree Tiyaboonchai, Patcharada Amatyakul
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 552-557 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.083
[Abstract]  [PDF] 85 Downloads 1377 Views

Chrysophanol induces cell apoptosis and suppresses cell invasion by regulating AKT and MAPK signaling pathway in melanoma cells
Jian Guan, Hemin Huang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 558-567 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.084
[Abstract]  [PDF] 53 Downloads 1052 Views

Callus induction and in vitro plant regeneration of Primula denticulata subsp. sinodenticulata
Yin-Kai Xi, Min Yang, Fu-Rong Xu, Heng-Yu Huang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 568-576 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.089
[Abstract]  [PDF] 62 Downloads 1143 Views

Characterization, genome annotation, and antibacterial properties of Actinopolyspora saharensis BKK2
Sirilak Namwong, Suchanat Pandey, Masahiro Yuki, Takuji Kudo, Moriya Ohkuma, Somboon Tanasupawat
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 635-641 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.087
[Abstract]  [PDF] 41 Downloads 1059 Views

KLF7 promotes LPS induced apoptosis, inflammation, and oxidative stress in H9c2 cells by activating NF-κB pathway
Guoyong Hu, Minjie Zhou, Lina Xu, Donglian Wang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 642-649 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.092
[Abstract]  [PDF] 63 Downloads 1060 Views

Association of placental toll-like receptor 4 and fatty acid transport protein expression with neonatal weight
Jianli Zhou, Nannan Zhao, Jinling Yuan, Ying Liu, Jun Xing
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 650-656 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.094
[Abstract]  [PDF] 15 Downloads 857 Views

Down-regulation of RNF146 promotes gastric cancer cell apoptosis and inhibits cell migration via Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway
Rousidan Tuerdi, Peng Li, Yibula yin Xilifu, Ailixier
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 657-663 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.095
[Abstract]  [PDF] 16 Downloads 923 Views

Efficiency of homemade egg-based diet for male Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens)
Suktianchai Saekhow, Nutt Nuntapong, Krisna Rungruangsak-Torrissen, Karun Thongprajukaew
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 664-672 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.096
[Abstract]  [PDF] 79 Downloads 1024 Views

Chemistry and Material Sciences

Li-ion batteries of Ni-rich lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxide coupled with high-energy lithiophilic anode
Poramane Chiochan, Phansiri Suktha, Nutthaphon Phattharasupakun, Salatan Duangdangchote,Montakan Suksomboon, Worapol Tejangkura, Montree Sawangphruk
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 577-587 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.076
[Abstract]  [PDF] 199 Downloads 1189 Views

Adsorption of Ni2+ on malic acid modified activated carbon from Phragmites australis
Dongmei He, Jian Zhang, Zhenxin Shang, Chenglu Zhang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 588-595 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.077
[Abstract]  [PDF] 35 Downloads 1058 Views

In vitro cytotoxic activity, molecular docking study, and chemical composition of Zingiber cassumunar root oil
Pongsit Vijitphan, Arthit Makarasen, Suwicha Patnin, Decha Dechtrirat, Peerada Yingyuad, Supanna Techasakul
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 596-604 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.080
[Abstract]  [PDF] 103 Downloads 1144 Views

Environmental and Applied Sciences

Adsorption isotherm and kinetic studies of Cr(VI) removal by a new strain of Staphylococcus sciuri
Jutamas Pantab, Kanuennit Sirisom, Jittima Charoenpanich
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 605-613 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.078
[Abstract]  [PDF] 80 Downloads 842 Views

Automated molting detection system for commercial soft-shell crab (Portunus pelagicus) production
Sukkrit Nimitkul, Krisada Phromsuthirak, Wara Taparhudee, Vutipong Areekul, Vutthichai Oniam, Wasana Arkronrat
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 614-622 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.090
[Abstract]  [PDF] 110 Downloads 1068 Views

Biochar application affects dynamics of soil microbial biomass and maize grain yield
Lixia Zhu, Ge Tian, Liang Zhang, Xin Zhao, Jiajia Wang, Chenghao Wang, Peiyao Wang, Erli Tian
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 673-680 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.101
[Abstract]  [PDF] 155 Downloads 1751 Views

Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Stability for a general form of an alternative functional equation related to the Jensenís functional equation
Choodech Srisawat
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 623-629 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.088
[Abstract]  [PDF] 112 Downloads 1259 Views

Fermat type functional equations, several complex variables and Euler operator
Liu Yang, Li-Xiong Shi, Sheng-Yao Zhou
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 681-686 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.091
[Abstract]  [PDF] 60 Downloads 28060 Views

Short Report

Expression analysis of silkworm genes related to juvenile hormone during the BmCPV infection
Runzhen Chen, Ling Wang, Bin Li, Xijie Guo, Kun Gao
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 630-634 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.085
[Abstract]  [PDF] 104 Downloads 1057 Views

Cover image:Binding interactions throuh H-bonding between ligands and topoisomerase IIő≤ as revealed by molecular docking. Ligands are phenylbutenoids containing dimethoxyphenyl group isolated from rhizomes of Z. cassumunar Roxb (7, yellow and 8, green, the two are diastereomers) and two anticancer drugs (doxorubicin, blue; and etoposide, red).
Credited to Suwicha Patnin