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Volume 48 Number 5   Volume 49 Number 1

Volume 48 Number 6 (December 2022)
Review article

Symbiotic microbiota: A class of potent immunomodulators
Shalini Sharma, K. K. Chaubey, S. V. Singh, Saurabh Gupta
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 855-865 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.139
[Abstract]  [PDF] 313 Downloads 1427 Views

Research articles

Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

Lipopolysaccharide promotes the osteoclastogenesis through the autophagic degradationof TNF receptor-associated factor 3
Jing Hu, Xianyou Zeng, Chengcheng Song, Lei Zhang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 697-704 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.098
[Abstract]  [PDF] 365 Downloads 1405 Views

MiR-647 inhibits proliferation and improves apoptosis in cisplatin-treated non-small cell lung cancer via down-regulating IGF2 expression
Min Zhang, Hongjie Zhao, Ling Lin, Zhengang Chen
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 705-710 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.099
[Abstract]  [PDF] 152 Downloads 1063 Views

MYT1L promotes the migration and invasion of glioma cells through activation of Notch signaling pathway
Qiongying Zhang, Ruichun Bi, Xiaodong Bao, Xiaohui Xu, Daoquan Fang, Lei Jiang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 711-717 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.100
[Abstract]  [PDF] 94 Downloads 1030 Views

Anabolic effect of Butea superba Roxb. on improving skeletal muscle atrophy and strength via androgen receptors and increasing parvalbumin levels in orchidectomized rats
Fadeela Binalee, Wandee Udomuksorn, Ekkasit Kumarnsit, Uraporn Vongvatcharanon, Surapong Vongvatcharanon
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 718-725 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.102
[Abstract]  [PDF] 199 Downloads 1232 Views

pPeOp from Omphalia lapidescens Schroet suppresses the proliferation of cervical cancer HeLa cells via JAK/STAT3 signaling pathway
Yan Chen, Zhenjie Fu, Yuqin Xu, Yitao Chen, Peilei Pan
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 726-733 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.103
[Abstract]  [PDF] 46 Downloads 956 Views

Dexmedetomidine promotes cell proliferation and attenuates insulin resistance in high glucose induced trophoblast cells via inactivating the p38 MAPK pathway
Xiaofeng Song, Zhiqiang Shao, Ping Xu
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 734-739 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.111
[Abstract]  [PDF] 86 Downloads 1188 Views

Enhanced efficiency of in vitro plant regeneration of caladium (Caladium bicolor cv. 'Khum Thong') through young leaf culture
Waraporn Heedchim, Sompong Te-chato, Chakriya Niha, Nucharee Chadakan, Sureerat Yenchon
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 740-745 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.112
[Abstract]  [PDF] 203 Downloads 1312 Views

A novel, rapid and simple method for obtaining single-spore isolation of strongly parasitic fungi from diseased cherry leaves
Xiuming Ma, Jun Miao, Junfeng Wang, Wei Han, Yang Sun
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 764-768 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.086
[Abstract]  [PDF] 70 Downloads 1362 Views

VASH2 promotes oxaliplatin resistance in gastric cancer cells via the AKT signaling pathway
Baoli Lin, Zhi Chen
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 769-775 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.119
[Abstract]  [PDF] 43 Downloads 1127 Views

Effect of diosgenin in the inhibition of gastric cancer cell proliferation and its mechanism in combination with TRAIL to induce apoptosis
Qingwei Zhang, Sheng Zheng, Xuelian Bai, Chuntian Ma, Yuqian Qi
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 827-832 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.123
[Abstract]  [PDF] 35 Downloads 923 Views

Screening of suitable reference genes for gene expression using quantitative real-time PCR in Gynura bicolor DC.
Hua Xu, Yemei Fang, Xing Zhang, Chuanna Fan, Xiaoman Sun, Ting Chen
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 833-838 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.124
[Abstract]  [PDF] 49 Downloads 848 Views

The diversity and organ distribution of endophytic bacteria of sweet cherry
Bai-xia Zhao, Jian-fang Yan, Xue Chen, Min Xiao, Yu-tao Li, Feng-rong Pan, Xiu-xiang Zhao
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 839-846 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.125
[Abstract]  [PDF] 104 Downloads 1116 Views

Chemistry and Material Sciences

Synthesis and crystal structures of metal(I) bromide complexes containing 4-phenylthiosemicarbazide and triphenylphosphane ligands
Yupa Wattanakanjana, Kedkanok Mookda, Kantima Muangjeen, Arunpatcha Nimthong-Roldan
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 746-752 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.106
[Abstract]  [PDF] 76 Downloads 1040 Views

Development of lipoyl-substituted porphyrins as novel biocompatible mitochondria-targeting agents
Apiratt Thitimon, Vitavat Aksornkitti, Amornpun Sereemaspun, Patchanita Thamyongkit, Vinich Promarak, Rojrit Rojanathanes
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 776-781 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.113
[Abstract]  [PDF] 64 Downloads 954 Views

Transformation of heavy metals via sludge composite conditioning
Sen Wang, WanKun Xu, Pei Yi, JiaoJiao Yuan, Meng Li, Fang Su, Wen Shen
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 782-787 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.120
[Abstract]  [PDF] 104 Downloads 1237 Views

Facile and green synthesis of AgNPs by microwave-assisted method using curcumin biomaterial for improving antibacterial activities of NR/Ag composite sheets
Warot Chotpatiwetchkul, Monthol Saengsawang, Chaval Sriwong
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 847-854 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.122
[Abstract]  [PDF] 109 Downloads 1083 Views

Environmental and Applied Sciences

Oxidative decomposition of butyl acetate by micro-nano bubbles at room temperature
Juan Hu, Ya-zhuo Hao, Jian-jun Wei, Zhong-ming Guo, William Bai
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 753-758 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.104
[Abstract]  [PDF] 131 Downloads 1140 Views

Luminescence dating of archaeometallurgical slag from Buriram Province, northeastern Thailand
Sutthikan Khamsiri, Pira Venunan, Chawalit Khaokheiw, Praon Silapanth, Sirittha Banron, Santi Pailoplee
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 788-796 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.114
[Abstract]  [PDF] 77 Downloads 928 Views

Optimisation of preparation of active peptides by enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean processing wastewater and their antioxidant activity
Kuo Chen, Xuewei Yang, Yangying Ou, Weiqi Lu, Tianxiang He, Le Bin Yin
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 797-803 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.115
[Abstract]  [PDF] 89 Downloads 1290 Views

Adsorption behavior and mechanism of alizarin yellow and rhodamine B dyes on water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) leaves
Suchada Sawasdee, Prachart Watcharabundit
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 804-812 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.121
[Abstract]  [PDF] 92 Downloads 1303 Views

Mathematics and Physical Sciences

The periodicity on a transcendental entire function with its differential-difference polynomials
Yong Liu, Shuai Jiang
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 759-763 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.097
[Abstract]  [PDF] 188 Downloads 1189 Views

Improved bounds for the Jensen gap with applications in information theory
Khurshid Ahmad, Muhammad Adil Khan, Shahid Khan, Yu-Ming Chu
ScienceAsia 48 (2022): 813-822 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.108
[Abstract]  [PDF] 121 Downloads 912 Views

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