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ScienceAsia (): 305-311 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874...305

Pharmacodynamic evaluation of proniosomal transdermal therapeutic gel containing celecoxib

M.˙Intakhab˙Alam, Sanjula˙Baboota*, Kanchan˙Kohli, Javed˙Ali, Alka˙Ahuja

ABSTRACT:     A low dose proniosomal gel containing celecoxib was developed for the treatment of osteoarthritis. All the prepared formulations were subjected to physicochemical evaluations and anti-inflammatory studies. The entrapment was >90%. The vesicle shape was determined with the help of transmission electron microscopy. The vesicle size, size-distribution, and polydispersity studies were performed using photon correlation spectroscopy. Anti-inflammatory studies were performed using the rat hind-paw oedema induced by carrageenan (1% w/v). The selected proniosomal gel (N1LE3) produced 100% inhibition of paw oedema in rats up to 8˙h after carrageenan injection. It produced 95% and 92% inhibition after 12˙h and 24˙h, respectively. These results indicate that proniosomes are a promising carrier for the transdermal delivery of Pharmacodynamic evaluation of amoxicillin. Thus celecoxib can be formulated into a low dose proniosomal gel that can save the recipient from the adverse effects of large doses.

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Department˙of˙Pharmaceutics, Jamia˙Hamdard, Hamdard˙Nagar, New˙Delhi, India

* Corresponding author, E-mail: sbaboota@rediffmail.com

Received 15 Feb 2010, Accepted 22 Nov 2010