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Volume 48 Number 6
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ScienceAsia 44 (2018): 241-246 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2018.44.241

A brief taxonomy of the genus Prorocentrum in the coastal areas along Sanya Bay, Hainan Island

Anqi Yina,b,*, Xinghua Wangc, Yajian Zhanga, Hongwu Lid

ABSTRACT:     This is the first report of the genus Prorocentrum Ehrenberg occurring in the coastal areas along Sanya Bay, Hainan Island. Samples were collected from five coastal stations in 2017, and a brief taxonomy of Prorocentrum species was carried out using an inverted microscope. Five species (P. hoffmannianum, P. lima, P. micans, P. rhathymum, P. sigmoides) were identified, including three toxic species and two red tide-forming species. In particular, P. hoffmannianum and P. lima were both confirmed as the producers of okadaic acid and responsible for diarrhoetic shellfish poisoning events. This may suggest the potential threats of harmful algal blooms in the coastal areas along Sanya Bay that could cause diarrhoetic shellfish poisoning events.

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a College of Life Sciences and Ecology, Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Sanya, Hainan 572022 China
b School of Environmental Science, The University of Shiga Prefecture, Hikone, Shiga 522-8533 Japan
c School of Ocean Science and Technology, Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Sanya, Hainan 572022 China
d State Key Laboratory of Marine Resource Utilization in South China Sea, Haikou, Hainan 570228 China

* Corresponding author, E-mail: inanqi@yeah.net

Received 7 May 2018, Accepted 14 Aug 2018