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Volume 48 Number 6
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Volume 41 Number 6 Volume 42 Number 1

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ScienceAsia 42 (2016): 52-60 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2016.42.052

Text classification using similarity measures on intuitionistic fuzzy sets


ABSTRACT:     An intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) is an extended version of a fuzzy set and is capable of representing hesitancy degrees. A framework for text classification is presented. Two main challenges are addressed: how to represent documents in terms of IFSs and how to obtain a pattern of each class from such an IFS-based representation. By using some existing similarity measures for IFSs, the proposed framework is applied to two benchmark datasets for text classification. The proposed framework yields satisfactory results when compared to decision tree, k-NN, naïve Bayes, and support vector machine classifiers.

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Department˙of˙Mathematics˙and˙Statistics, Faculty˙of˙Science˙and˙Technology, Thammasat˙University, Pathum˙Thani˙12121˙Thailand

* Corresponding author, E-mail: peerasak@mathstat.sci.tu.ac.th

Received 14 Jul 2014, Accepted 17 Aug 2015