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Volume 45 Number 2
Volume 45 Number 1
Volume 44 Number 6
Volume 44 Number 5
Volume 44 Number 4
Volume 44 Number 3
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Volume 42 Number 6

ScienceAsia (): 0-0 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874...000

Encryption System Preserving Plain Text Using Multiple Languages

ABSTRACT:     Based on the security concern, plenty of crypto system constructed and applied on discrete applications to avoid the fabrication of ciphers. Lets reminding the ethics of illegal technicians, it reflects a very big issue. To avoid these problems the padding on security mechanisms is needed to be increased. The proposed work entirely pointed out newly designed crypto system to protect sensitive text documents. For preserving, prime numerals between 0 up to 3000[(1, 2, 3 ..n), n=3000] called P-3000 with multiple languages are implemented on the sensitive documents. The constructed outcome provides additional security to strengthen the text based encryption.

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* Corresponding author, E-mail: berlincryptography@gmail.com

Received 30 Dec 2017, Accepted 0 0000