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ScienceAsia 32 Supplement 1 (2006): 063-070 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2006.32(s1).063

Diversity and Habitat Characteristics of Freshwater Red Algae (Rhodophytes) in Some Water Resources of Thailand

Yuwadee Peerapornpisal,a* Muntana Nualcharoen,b Sutthawan Suphan,a Tatporn Kunpradid,c Thanitsara Inthasotti,a Ruttikan Mungmai,a Lanthong Dhitisudh,a Morakot Sukchotiratanaa and Shigeru Kumanod

ABSTRACT: The freshwater red algae in some areas of the northern, central, western and southern regions of Thailand were investigated together with water quality and some ecological aspects. Five orders, 6 families, 9 genera and 26 species were found. The most diverse genus was Batrachospermum which had 9 species, followed by Thorea, Bostrychia, Audouinella and Compsopogon each with 3 species and Nemalionopsis with 2 species. Genera represented as 1 species only were Sirodotia, Caloglossa and Compsopogonopsis. Most of the freshwater red algae were observed in water of clean to moderate quality. However, some species were in the clean water e.g. Batrachospermum boryanum Sirodot, B.gelatinosum (Linnaeus) de Candolle and B. macrosporum Montagne but some species were in moderate to polluted water e.g. Compsopogon coeruleus (Balbis) Montagne and Audouinella glomerata Jao. The latter species had a wide tolerance range i.e. it could be found from clean to polluted water in as many as 15 different water resources. Some species of freshwater red algae could be found in many regions but some species were detected only in one region, for example, Batrachospermum nova-guineense Kumano et John Stone, Sirodotia huillensis (Welwitsch ex West G.S West) Skuja, Nemalionopsis shawii Skuja , Compsopogon minutus Jao and Compsopogonopsis fruticosa (Jao) Seto were found in the northern region, Batrachospermum boryanum Sirodot and B. gelatinosum (Linnaeus) de Candolle were found in the western region and B. diatyches Entwisle, B. iriomotense Kumano, Caloglossa leprieuril (Montagne) G. Marteus, Bostrychia moritziama (Sonder) J. Agardh and Bostrychia sp.1 and Bostrychia sp. 2 were found in the southern region. Batrachospermum iriomotense Kumano, Batrachospermum sp.1 and Bostrychia moritziana (Sonder) J. Agardh were found in a still water pond and Batrachospermum nova-guineense Kumano et John Stone grew well in strong sunlight with a distinct reddish appearance. Nineteen newly recorded species of freshwater red algae for Thailand resulted from this investigation.

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a Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand.
b Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Rajabhat Phuket University, Phuket 83000, Thailand.
c Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Rajabhat Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand.
d National Institute for Environmental Studies, 16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba, Irabaki 305-0053, Japan.

* Corresponding author, E-mail: scboi017@chiangmai.ac.th